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Conclusion of CREE LED Connected Bulb

The Cree Connected LED bulbs can be picked up for around $14 at Home Depot, which is a solid deal and best of all, it’s a local store to many people! Other than not having the ability to change the temperature of the LEDs, I really thought Cree did a great job not only with the price point but also with product itself. The lightweight design and low heat output makes it an excellent replacement for existing LED bulbs but then throw in the smart technology which makes it “Connected” then you have yourself a rockstar light bulb that’s only limited to your imagination.

I loved all of the possibilities that the Cree LED bulb could be utilized for and it appears to be very well made and able to withstand a long life and with a rating of 25,000 hours, it should! It also appears that Cree backs this bulb up with a full 3 year warranty of normal lighting use (6 hours a day). So if something does happen, Cree is there standing behind the product which is a good thing!

The Cree LED Connected bulbs are certified to work on Wink Hub, Smart Things Hub, and now also will work with Amazon’s Echo! So whatever smart home hub you may have in your home, the Cree bulb is there to light the way.

Update 12/7/2015: Cree LED Connected bulbs now also works with WeMO by Belkin! The Connected Cree Soft White and Daylight LED Bulbs connect to the WeMo ecosystem through the WeMo Link, a ZigBee-to-Wi-Fi bridge that connects any WeMo-enabled LED bulb to the home wireless network and the WeMo app. So now with the Connected Cree Bulbs, you can get connected with all of the popular smart home hub products.

I want to thank Cree for sending us the LED Connected bulb to review and I definitely look forward to their future products around this space, as this may only be the beginning of what we see from Cree into the Smart Home product space! You can learn more about the Cree LED Connected Bulb from

CREE LED Connected Smart Light Bulb Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Buy Now! Rating: 4.7

CREE LED Connected Bulb

Installation and Configuration 98%
Ease of Use 91%
Warranty 90%
Compatibility 95%
94% Great!
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