Allowing Ads on Geek Inspector

So you want to help us keep the hamster wheels spinning? Great! We very much appreciate your willingness to whitelist our site. By doing so, we promise the following:

  • NEVER Popups, Pop-unders, or any other rude way of displaying advertising
  • NEVER gambling ads, casino ads, adult ads, or any other inappropriate advertising
  • NEVER flashy ads that may cause seizures

How do I whitelist

Adblock Plus
Manual way:
Either at the top-right hand corner or bottom-left hand corner of your Internet Browser you should find a small icon that looks like a stop sign with the letters “ABP” within it. Click the icon and then unclick the “Enable on this site” option.

If you are having issues finding the icon, the toolbar may be hidden. Go to your View Menu on your browser (at the top) or settings area and click toolbars and make sure the Add-on Bar is checked.

Easy way:
Click here to load our white-listed filters automatically for you!

Within the Ghostery Settings panel click on the tab that says “Whitelisted Sites”. Add to that list.

Avast! Internet Security
Select the Settings icon in the upper right of the browser and then select Tools and then Extensions from the drop-down menu. Find the Avast! Online Security Extension and click Options. From in here, you can remove the check mark and allow ads by default.

When you click on the Do Not Track button in your browser toolbar, you should see something that says ‘4 companies tracking me’. Click the switch on each of those to “Allowed here” to whitelist the ad sites associated with

Again, we GREATLY appreciate you allowing us to show you only a couple of advertisements per page on our web site. We promise to never break our code of ethic when it comes to delivering advertising to our visitors. In return by allowing us to show you these ads, we are able to make enough revenue to keep the hamster in the wheel turning which in return keeps the lights on!

Thank you again!

James Anderson