Minecon Announces Minecraft Bundled Free with Windows 10

Minecon Announces Minecraft Bundled Free with Windows 10


Minecraft, a worldwide recognized game that has sold a combined $70 million across all devices and has a Hollywood movie on the way in 2016 or 2017, is now being announced that it’s being bundled with Windows 10 when it goes live.

After Microsoft purchased its creator, Mojang last year, Microsoft has been looking for ways to integrate the highly popular game into its Xbox and OS products. The Windows 10 Beta Edition of Minecraft will include features like the ability to swap between touchscreen and keyboard/mouse, integration with Xbox live, and the ability to record/share content.

During the Minecon 2015 conference in London today, they talked to audiences about new features coming to Minecraft, like a harder to beat Ender Dragon. Among other new features which include; new trees which can be mined for chorus fruit, a levitation effect, and the ability for the player to leap upwards.

They also showed a demo of being able to quickly swap weapons and items from right and left hands which is a feature players have been asking for. The price for Minecraft on Windows 10? Free if you already own Minecraft and $10 if you do not.

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