FAA Clears GoGo 2Ku In-Flight WiFi Service Offering 70Mbps

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has officially approved GoGo’s new in-flight WiFi service, 2Ku, that is capable of reaching speeds up to 70 Mbps.

The antenna that must be affixed to aircraft’s are only 4.5 inches tall, which reduces drag on the aircraft when compared to other Internet solutions on the market. This sholuld help save on fuel costs a bit and be a purchasing factor for the airlines.

Obviously to consumers the biggest advantage of the new high-speed in-flight WiFi service is the 70Mbps speeds that its capable of reaching, which happens to be about 20 times faster than the fastest in-flight service offered today.

With the FAA giving clearance to GoGo, the new service could make its way onto commercial planes as early as this year with a more widespread deployment into 2016. GoGo currently has its existing WiFi service on nearly 2,500 aircraft and they charge $5 a hour, $16 per day, or $60 per month for unlimited access. There is no word on how much the new prices will be for the much faster service. We have requested pricing from GoGo but have not yet received a response back.

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