Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10162 Released

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10162 Released


Microsoft has pushed out Windows 10 Build 10162 as they finalize the last bit of coding before launch in production on July 29th with RTM Final. This is the third build in a single week that we’ve seen from Microsoft, as they work towards removing debugging components and adding last minute touches to the build.

Windows 10 Build 10162 as part of the Technical Preview resolves over 300 bugs, updates for the Edge Browser (Previously, Project Spartan and Previously Internet Explorer), updates for the UI of the login screen and a slightly new logo.

“Build 10162 is another great one. In fact, our testing and internal telemetry metrics show it has better reliability, performance, battery life, and compatibility than any Windows 10 Insider Preview build so far.” quoted the Windows Blog. “We’re focused at this point on bug fixing and final polish, so it’s much easier for each build to get all the way through than earlier in the cycle when we’re adding big new features.”

You can still download Windows 10 Preview ISO and install it for free from

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