Microsoft Windows 10 Reaches 75 Million Installs in One Month

One month after Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system it has now been installed on over 75 million computers and tablets, which is far short from the one billion devices they want to have it installed on over the next three years.

To put the 75 million installs of Windows 10 into perspective, it took Microsoft six months to sell 100 million Windows 8 licenses and they are already 75% of the way there after only a month with Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 released last month is so far shaping up to the best received Windows operating system to date. With the return of the Start Menu, App Store integration, XBox integration, and the seamless tablet -> PC mode for tablet computers it’s making the new operating system a clear winner for Microsoft. One major reason for its success is that Windows 10 being made available for completely free to Windows Insiders and users already running Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, a move that is completely unlike Microsoft and more like open source operating systems like Linux.

Do you think Microsoft will reach their 3 billion install goal in 3 years?

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