Rovio Entertainment Makers of Angry Birds Plans Layoffs

Rovio Entertainment Makers of Angry Birds Plans Layoffs


Rovio Entertainment, the mobile gaming company behind Angry Birds, says they are planning to lay off up to 260 people as part of their company restructuring plan.

Rovio currently employs around 800 and the jobs cuts would mean that they are planning for at least a 30% reduction in its staff because the company says they took “too many things” on over the last few years, too fast.

The job cuts will hit the entire company except for the groups actively working on the Angry Birds 3D Movie which is expected to be in theaters in May 2016.

Just last month Rovio Entertainment released its second installment in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds 2. The company has already had over 3 billion game downloads of Angry Birds and the company is on track for another billion by year end.

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