Ashley Madison Class Action Law Suits, Suicides, and Other Fall Out

Since the Ashley Madison web site hack that took place last month and the Ashley Madison database leak just last week, things have gotten far worse with reports that members of the site committing suicide and folks suing the site for leaking their personal information.

Now there are reports of Ashley Madison scams going on that sends spear phishing emails to users in order to compromise their computers. How do the spear phishing techniques work? Hackers will send emails to all of the emails in the Ashley Madison leak that appear to be coming from but instead, once a user opens or clicks a link within the email the web site will infect their computer with a virus or malware.

Ashley Madison users should not open any emails appearing to come from as a precaution. Also, anyone stating that they can make your name go away from the leaked data is completely looking to con you. Once data like this has been leaked on to the Internet, there is absolutely no way to cover it up or remove it from the Internet.

The Ashley Madison Dating site for folks looking to cheat on their spouse appears to still be online today but as time goes on it will become very difficult for the company to continue operations in our opinion. One of the most disturbing facts that came out of the leaked data from the Ashley Madison hack was that their core infrastructure was released in the leak. The infrastructure shows very detailed information on how the Ashley Madison web site was built, was connected, and how it was all maintained. Not only was the architecture leaked but so was the source code which means anyone on the Internet can now find even more vulnerabilities in their site and gain additional access for more on-going hacks.

With the leaked information aside, all 37 million users may end up filing a class-action law suit against for not doing more to protect their data and for not deleting their accounts when they previously had paid for their data to be wiped.

So why the name Ashley and Madison for the web site? It was named after two of the most popular female names, “Ashley” and “Madison” but not a whole lot is known about the origins of the names other than the huge popularity of them in early 2000’s when the site was created. If you know anything about the hack, Ashley Madison is offering a $500k CAD reward with any information leading to an arrest.

Looking for an email address or name on the Ashley Madison database leak? You can still find this information on this web site.

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