Comcast Upgrading Customers to DOCSIS 3.1 With 10Gbps Capable Speeds

Get ready Comcast customers, you will soon have the capability of 10 Gigabits per second! Comcast’s VP of network architecture said today that they plan to upgrade all of their customers to DCSIS 3.1 technology by 2018 which is capable of 10 Gigabit speeds.

“We’re testing it this year,” Robert Howald, Comcast’s VP of network architecture, told FierceCable. “Our intent is to scale it through our footprint through 2016.”

The move from DCSIS 3 to 3.1 will initially allow Comcast to offer 1 Gbps speeds to all of its customers but later added that the 3.1 standard is capable of 10 Gbps speeds. So while your modem is capable of the newer and faster speeds, this doesn’t mean that every home will be capable of 10Gbps due to other factors.

Comcast has already begun offering 2Gbps service to some area’s in Florida and just last month we announced their 10Gbps service plans. Will other internet providers soon follow in the footsteps of Comcast? Could Google’s 1 Gbps fiber service soon become the low-end standard for broadband?

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