Microsoft Cortana for Android Launches

Microsoft Cortana for Android is now available as a public beta in the Google Play Store. Cortana just like for Windows is your personal assistant that can help you set reminders, set alarms, find movies playing or help you locate a restaurant for dinner among other things.

Once you have it installed, Cortana will give you a quick tutorial of how you can use Cortana to make your life easier and how it can also sync across multiple devices

One feature lacking on Android is utilizing the “Hey, Cortana” to speak to your phone and Cortana begin listening to your requests. This feature is currently only on Windows platforms.

How and where do you download Cortana for Android? Well you must first join the Cortona Android Beta Program and then you can download the Cortana app directly from the Google Play Store.

We’ve heard of compatibility issues with certain devices, so your mileage may vary. Just remember this is a beta product and probably shouldn’t be installed of a phone that is for mission critical work.

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