Ashley Madison Offers $500k Reward For Hackers

The company behind the Ashley Madison site which had recently been hacked but then later their database leaked, is offering a $500,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the hackers. Toronto Police gave the reward information during a news conference about the case involving the adultery site.

The hackers behind the theft of Ashley Madison content delivered last week what they had previously promised, all 37 million members of the site. The Ashley Madison data leaked includes searchable emails, locations, birth-dates, and even pick-up lines that the users used.

We posted an easy way to find if an email is part of Ashley Madison on our previous article and of course the way to download the full database if you desire. As with anything in this nature, use your best judgement when downloading stolen property.

With the $500,000 reward being offered, will anyone come forward and snitch on the hackers? It depends. If the hackers are the gloating type, they could have told dozens of friends by now but if they are truly good at what they do, nobody knows but the ones involved and it could be a difficult uphill battle for Ashley Madison in finding the responsible individuals.

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