Apple’s Hydrogen Powered iPhone Fuel Cell

Apple’s Hydrogen Powered iPhone Fuel Cell

Apparently Apple is working with Intelligent Energy, a British Tech company, with designing an iPhone battery that could be made to last up to 7 days on a full charge.

The traditional battery Apple has used for years would be replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell which works by combining hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity. The iPhone fuel cell battery would require tiny vents on the back of the phone to allow small amounts of water vapor to escape.

One of the major issues with fuel cells are ventilation and it could be a very big problem for the mobile phone market. Due to the chemical process in creating electricity the fuel cell’s typically require air to blow across them or for them to be very well ventilated. Therefore, utilizing a fuel cell in mobile phone could be a problem if you like to keep it in a purse or pocket.

Intelligent Energy just recently won an award for their Upp Fuel Cell charging system which is capable of charging fuel cells via USB.

“With 75 percent of the global population relying on mobile devices to stay connected, there is no such thing as true mobility if you’re tethered to a wall,’” said Julian Hughes, Group Corporate Development Director at Intelligent Energy. “Upp is transforming the way people consume power and energy on the go. We’re honored that Upp has been recognized as one of the most innovative technology products in hydrogen power, and we look forward to bringing energy freedom to consumers everywhere.”

Regardless of its issues, it’s interesting to learn that Apple is looking into this technology that hasn’t been widely used in the past and has never been successfully implemented on a mobile phone.  Could we see the new fuel cell on the iPhone 7 next year? If it ever comes to market, TSA may need to ease their guidelines on fuel cells as carrying one of a plane can usually get you searched.

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