Tile 2 Does More Than Just Find Lost Items For You!

Tile, the little flat white piece of plastic that resembles a tile, has made the announcement today that their next generation of the Tile is available today. Not only can you find your lost items that your Tile is near, attached to, or is on but you can now also find your lost Phone by pressing a button on any of your Tiles.

Tile Gen 2 also provides a much louder ringer, 90 decibels to be exact, so its sure to be heard. One of the best new features could also be the Find Your Phone feature when you double-tap the “e” button on your Tile, your phone will ring in which its synced with.

Tile uses Bluetooth technology so that it can sync to your phone and help you find things. Not only can they find items within syncing distance of your phone, the Tile’s can also create a network where they can communicate with one another so that even if your lost item is on the other side of the world, long as its near another Tile, you can track it and without anyone knowing that you have a lost item!

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