Spotify’s New Creepy Privacy Policy Forces Users To Cancel

Spotify is now doing more than just streaming free music, now there is a price to be paid and no it’s not just advertising, its much deeper than that. According to their newly updated privacy policy, you must agree to give the company rights to your phone’s contact information, location data, and even your photo’s and media files.

“Depending on the type of device that you use to interact with the service and your settings, we may also collect information about your location based on, for example, your phone’s GPS location or other forms of locating mobile devices.” the statement goes on to read.

The company has went on to twitter saying “If you don’t agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please don’t use the Service.” – Spotify

It doesn’t sound like the company is planning to revert its recent privacy policy as users continue to cancel the service. What do you think? Is Spotify stepping over the boundary of privacy?

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