Nintendo 2DS Price Drops to $99 Ahead of Zelda Release

Nintendo has cut the prices of its Nintendo 2DS down to $99 just in time for the 2015 holiday season. The original price tag of $129.99 has been the price since the device was debuted back in fall of 2013.

The new $99 price day of the 2DS also comes with the launch of some new games that will be made available beginning in October. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will launch in October and Yo-kai Watch will go on sale in November.

The Nintendo 2DS is their entry-level handled game system that has similar functions as the Nintendo DS and 3DS but has a slate form factor rather than the clamshell design founds on the DS and 3DS versions. The 2DS pails in comparison to the DS and 3DS as the battery life is lacking and the sound quality is not nearly as good but for the entry level price point of now $99 it’s not too bad of a deal. Nintendo probably should have launched it at $99 and should now be dropping the price to $79 to really create a new buyers market for the product.

The 2DS game system price drop will begin August 30th of 2015.

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