Apple iPhone 6S Scheduled for September 18th Launch

Apple iPhone 6S Scheduled for September 18th Launch


If you are like most Apple users you want to know the exact date that the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus will be available for purchase. Well, it’s almost 100% certain that the date for availability will be September 18th, 2015.

Based on a leaked memo from Vodafone last month the launch date will be set for September 18th in the UK, which history tells us happens to launch the same time as Germany, Japan and the United States. Furthermore, 9to5 Mac discovered that Best Buy will soon be offering Apple Care protection plans beginning on September 14th, which is only a few days before the launch date which also points to the September 18th launch date as being factual.

Only Apple know’s the true launch date but all signs point to September 18th as being the real date for availability. The Apple iPhone Launch event we already know is scheduled for September 9th and having the new iPhones available shortly after the announcement will for sure get Apple fans in long lines to pick one up from a local Apple store.

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