Wove Band Digital Display Bracelet That You Can Fold Up

Wove Band Digital Display Bracelet That You Can Fold Up


Wove Band has been introduced today,created by Polyera and is a flexible display bracelet that can display all sorts of information.

The Wove Band utilizes Polyera’s digital fabric technology to allow the screen to be both flexible and comfortable to wear while still allowing non-distorted view of the display.

“Borne out of over ten years of fundamental research in the chemistry and physics of flexible TFTs, Polyera Digital Fabric Technology is a revolutionary platform at the intersection of science, engineering, and design, all with one aim: to enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale.” their web site said today.

Wearable technology is expected to take off over the next decade. Not only can you utilize this technology for wearing on your wirst, the technology can easily be integrated into clothing, think be able to lift your arm of your jacket or shirt to see the latest stock quotes or look down at your hear to see your heart rate and maybe even your pocket to see how much cash you have left in your bank account.

“The best part is that the Wove Band is just the very beginning of an exciting new journey: an exploration of devices and experiences which no longer are limited by electronics being hard, lifeless, and cold, but instead are soft, supple, and organic–where the forms they take and the roles they play become more natural and more human.”

The possibilities in this space are endless and Polyera is giving consumers the ability to see this technology first hand. The Wove Band is expcte to ship miud-2016 and will give away free developer units to a select group of artists and developers in December.

Learn more at Wove.com

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