Zero Latency, Virtual Reality Gaming Center Opens

Virtual reality and augment reality is the next big thing not only the gaming world but also has many other practical benefits like design and architecture, engineering, and the medical field.

From a gaming perspective, it provides an immersive experience where you can literally get lost in the virtual world and forget that you are viewing it through a headset. Want to see what its like? You can now thanks to a new gaming center that just opened in Melbourne Australia called Zero Latency.

At Zero Latency gamers are watched by 129 PlayStation eye cameras and were Oculus Rift DK2 headsets with a backpack that holds an Alienware Alpha PC. Once you place the headphones and headset on you enter into the virtual world, even with other players in the same room that gives you and your friends the ability to freely roam around in the 4,300 square foot warehouse.

It costs $88 AUD per per for an hour of gaming and the warehouse can handle 4-6 players. You can play against each other or coop missions. More information can be found at

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