Touchjet Wave Could Replace Microsoft’s Expensive Surface Hub for $99

Could Microsoft’s $20,000 Smart Surface Hub be replaced by a $100 Indiegogo startup? It very well could! Touchjet WAVE has a new project that is being touted as a device that can turn any ordinary smart TV into a full touch screen device, for $99 bucks.

The Indiegogo project started 2 days ago and was immediately funded for the $100,000 goal it was seeking to achieve. Today, two days later its already at $227,966 by 1,486 people.

The promotion video shows how you can check news, social media, listen to music and watch videos and even search for things. It’s also shows how to colaborate and how you can play video games. One of the coolest features I saw was the ability to swipe things off of a tablet directly on to the screen, seamlessly.

It’s also very easy to install, simply install the touchjet wave device on top of your screen and then plug it into an existing HDMI port and you are up and running.

Shipping begins in March 2016 with full avalaiblity in April 2016. You can pick up yours today for $99 (half off) from the Indiegogo project page.

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