Kidz Gear Kid-Friendly Wireless and Wired Headphones Review

Kidz Gear Kid-Friendly Wireless and Wired Headphones Review

Testing and Conclusion
When it comes to comfort, both the Kidz Gear Wireless headphones and the wired headset were identical. My kids played with the headphones for hours and found a lot of enjoyment from them. Obviously, I liked the corded ones better, especially for my youngest as I felt assured that it would never be too loud with the Kidz Gear volume limiting adapter installed. The blue wired headset is obliviously the easiest one to get going as all you need to do is plug it in but the lack of having the removable boom mic was definitely disappointing for using these solely for listening to music. The other advantage that the blue wired headset has is that it’s NOT wireless.. so no need to worry about syncing it to devices or the battery running low.

The pink Kidz Gear wireless headphones that we reviewed had the same comfort as the wired ones, but also had the added benefit of not having wires. In addition to not having wires getting in the way, it also had the removable boom mic which we really enjoyed. We found that the boom mic on the blue wired headset would get tangled up in my daughters hair a bit when she had the boom mic up and out of the way and this wasn’t a problem with the wireless headphones as we did not have it attached.

Another benefit for the pink wireless headphones was the music controls on the side of the headphones which gave my kids the freedom of walking around the house with the ability to change their tunes, which they thought was really cool! The only major disadvantage that the wireless headphones have over the wired ones is the lack of volume limiting. The wireless headphones, since they are wireless, cannot utilize the wired volume limiting adapter that the wired headset had included with it. I would love to see Kidz Gear develop some sort of limiting capacity on the wireless headphones.

Our digital sound level meter was not working properly at the time of this review so we were unable to get exact sound levels that each headphones produced. We’ll update the review once we receive the sound level meter back from being calibrated at the factory.

Overall, we were very pleased with both headphones. They both lack a feature that the other compliments, so there isn’t a true hands down winner in my books. However, for what my kids do and not having to worry about keeping yet another electronic charged, I lean more towards the wired headset over the wireless and you’ll also save $10 bucks at the same time.

Kidz Gear has the wireless bluetooth headphones on sale for $29.99 and the wired headset for $19.99. The wireless headphones are available in blue, pink and black. The standard wired headphones are available in black, pink, orange, blue, green, purple, and white. Special thanks to Kidz Gear for supplying these headphones for us to review!

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