Kidz Gear Kid-Friendly Wireless and Wired Headphones Review

Kidz Gear Kid-Friendly Wireless and Wired Headphones Review

When you have three kids like I do and they each have their own game system, tablet, or DVD player running all at the same time in the car on a long road trip, things can get loud and hectic very fast! Today, we are going to take a look at the Kidz Gear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with a Removal Boom Mic and also the Kidz Gear Wired Headset with Boom Mic to find out if they can not only take the abuse from my kids day in and day out but also if they can help add some peace back into our car rides!

Kidz Gear has been around for 15 years and they were made as a way to develop kid specific items just like the headphones we’re going to be look at today. I don’t know about you, but we’ve tried earbuds with our kids and while they work okay for the older ones which are 7 and 8, our youngest at 4 has difficulties with them not only fitting, but staying in as well. Another issue that we run into, especially with our youngest is that she likes to blast the volume as loud as possible which can cause very serious damage to hearing. This is the primary reason we have gotten rid of any type of earbud or headphones. One of the KidzGear headsets we are looking at today actually has volume limiting technology built-in to prevent hearing damage like this from occurring.

Kidz Gear Blue Headset
Kidz Gear Blue Headset
Kidz Gear Pink Wireless Headphones
Kidz Gear Pink Wireless Headphones


Bluetooth Headphones Wired Headset
Bluetooth 4.0 Volume Limiting
10 hour battery life Rotating Boom Mic
Detachable Boom Mic 4.5 Foot Cord
Play Controls Lifetime Limited Warranty
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