Russian Government Threatening To Block Reddit Over Cannabis

The Russian Government is threatening to block the social linking site, Reddit across its country if they do not comply with removing a thread dedicated to growing cannabis.

According to a post on, a site similar to Facebook in Russia, they have asked Reddit administrator to read their emails and their social media posts stating that they want /r/trees brought down which had posted an article about growing narcotic plants.

The translation from Russian to English language for the post goes something like this;

At the request of Federal Drug Control Service is ready to make the registry page of the site reddit, which posted an article on the cultivation of narcotic plants. Notifications to the requirement to remove the information sent to multiple addresses resource, but no response is still not forthcoming, although earlier treatment from us in the administration treated full. We assume that during the August holidays someone is too relaxed, but this should not be a reason to venture readership. Those who have contacts with the administration – ask them to check your mail for letters from Roskomnadzor otherwise due the technical features of a number of operators may block the entire site.

Recently, Reddit changed its rules to allow illegal discussions on its site but they say that they would continue to block things such as copyrighted material. When it comes to things illegal, its a fine line between what can be posted “legally” and what cannot.

Russia has already blocked several sites and has attempted to block others over the past few years. Sites like GitHub, YouTube, Wikipedia, and others are all sites that have been blocked at one point or another.

What do you think of the Russian government?

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