Perseid Meteor Shower To Be Spectacular on Aug 12th

Astronomers say we have a special treat this year with the annual Perseid meteor shower because the moon will not interfere with the viewing as it will be dark providing an extra dark sky this year for viewing!

The Perseid meteor shower is this Wednesday, August 12th and should be spectacular thanks to the darker skies. There should be up to 100 shooting stars per hour across the sky for a great display that the world can see.

The Perseids meteor shower is associated with the Swift-Tuttle comet that ejects debris as it travels its 133-year orbit. The Perseids are primarily visible in the northern hemisphere but even those in the southern can still have an opportunity to see. The best viewing times should be between 11:00PM – 4:30AM CST around the United States.

You can find our more about the shower and also the best viewing times where you live at

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