HaHa’s and HeHe’s Took Over The LOL’s Based on Report

Based on a new report from Facebook, users that use LOL or laugh out loud to show laughter are in a minority. The report indicates that under 2% of Facebook users in the sampling used LOL while over 50% used “haha” to express laughter.

Emoji lovers took 33% and also represented a younger audience than lol, haha, or hehe.

“The most common are the four letter hahas and hehes. The six letter hahaha is also very common, and in general, the hahaers use longer laughter. The hahaers are also slightly more open than the hehe-ers to using odd number of letters, and we do see the occasional hahaas and hhhhaaahhhaas. The lol almost always stands by itself, though some rare specimens of lolz and loll were found. A single emoji is used 50% of the time, and it’s quite rare to see people use more than 5 identical consecutive emoji.” the Facebook article had stated.

Men preferred haha and also hehe’s while emoji’s were primarily dominated by women and they also seem to like their lol’s more than men too.

Why does all of this matter? We’re not sure, but now you know the universal language of laughter!

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