$32 RollJam Remote Exploit Can Unlock Any Car or Garage

A white hat hacker has unveiled his universal remote which is capable of unlocking the latest cars and garages which rely on wireless radio communications. He says his radio device which costs about $32 bucks can bypass “rolling code” security systems which are used on most all garage doors, some gate systems, and even new cars.

The “rolling code” security is meant to provide some decent security as every time you lock or unlock a car door or garage, a new unique set of codes are made making it more difficult to guess.

The RollJam device that Samy Kamkar has created exploits a flaw in the system due to the fact that there is no timeout on the generated codes leaving the devices subject to exploit.

So how does the RollJam remote work? It’s intercepts newly generated security codes before reaching the end-point which forces the driver to press the remote button twice, but then actually sends the information to the RollJam instead. The consumer has no idea, and simply believes that they didn’t hit the button or perhaps was not close enough.

This isn’t the latest attempt to hack a car, just last month researches were able to take complete control of a vehicle from sitting in their living room.

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