Hobbico Heli-Max 230Si Quadcopter Drone Review

Hobbico Heli-Max 230Si Quadcopter Drone Review

Support and Replacement Parts
Obviously as far as warranty goes, Heli-Max guarantees the kit to be free from defects in both the material and workmanship but in no way does it cover any component parts damage by flying the quadcopter or by modifications to the aircraft.

Let’s face it, its a quadcopter and its going to crash – even with the most advance pilots its going to happen especially if its flown outdoors in unpredictable conditions. When purchasing a quadcopter you not only need to look at the manufacture to see how long they have been around but you also need to see how readily available replacement parts are and how much they cost.

I headed over to the Tower Hobbies web site and looked under the Heli-Max 230Si parts list to see what parts they had and about how much they would cost if I were to need replacements and here’s what I found out for some of the commonly replacement parts;

Part Price
Prop Set (of 4)  $       5.49
Main Frame Body  $    18.49
Motor with LED and Pinion  $    16.99
Landing Gear Legs (4)  $       5.49
Battery Door  $       3.19
Motor Arms  $       1.79
LiPo 1200MAH Battery  $    12.99

I think the replacement parts are very reasonably priced for the most part except for the motors which seem a bit on the higher end but overall, not bad prices at all! I would pick up an extra battery for $13 bucks, four motor arms, and maybe a couple extra sets of propellers and you’d be set for your flight box!


Overall I felt the Heli-Max 230Si is a solid quadcopter for those in the market for an entry-level aerial photography aircraft. The controller had a great layout with a lot of features and the quadcopter performed very well indoors and good outdoors in little to no wind. If you live in a windy climate, this quadcopter may not be for you. If you are also looking for better quality video, you’re going to need to spend a lot more money.

The Heli-Max 230Si came with a great charger that was capable of recharging the LiPo battery quickly and efficiently while giving us up to 12 minutes of “good” flight time indoors and about 8-10 minutes of “good” flight time outdoors.

All of the features advertised about the Heli-Max 230Si worked as intended such as the Return To Pilot, Fail-Safe, and the Altitude Adjustment modes. They do advertise the quadcopter as being capable of flying for 15 minutes and during our tests, we were only able to squeeze out about 12 minutes and that was indoors. Going above the 12 minutes indoors and 10 minutes outdoors, resulted in less power and inability to keep the aircraft aloft.

For the price, the value is definitely there for the 230Si. This little 230mm quadcopter is capable of handling crashes without completely coming apart and has enough features on it that a novice pilot can take to the air with the confidence that they need to begin shooting aerial photography.

You can pickup the Heli-Max 230Si Quadcopter today at Tower Hobbies for $129 without the camera or $179 with the camera.

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