Want DVD Playback in Windows 10? Microsoft says to Pay $15

New users whom have recently upgraded to Windows 10 may have found that they aren’t able to stick a DVD in their system and play it, at least not natively.

Microsoft has ditched its long running Windows Media Player which it had used for native DVD playback. Users must now download the official DVD player app from the Windows Store for Windows 10 at a $15 price tag.

The move to drop DVD playback from its latest operating systems would have to be for cost savings, as Microsoft must pay for the licensing to support DVD playback. With everything going to streaming, on-demand, and internet downloads of media – the need for DVD playback has drastically changed over the last few years.

Windows 8 didn’t support DVD playback out of the box either charging a bit less than the $15 they are seeking for Windows 10 users. Regardless, there are still dozens of other alternatives that can be used for DVD playback and some are even free.

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