Chattanooga ISP To Move From 1 Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Internet Speeds

Chattanooga’s own public utility, Electric Power Board has said it plans to upgrade some of their existing 1 Gigabit service lines with 10 Gigabit service over the next few years and will make it the standard go-forward method for new infrastructure.

Back in 2007, the city council moved forward with their $200 million project to make gigabit service available to every home in Chattanooga. They began in 2010 making the service available to consumers and now 5 years later are looking to move into 10Gbp/sec space making it only the second city in the United States to offer such speeds (Minneapolis being the other).

There is no word on how much the 10 gigabit service would cost but their existing services are very cheap at $70 per month for symmetric gigabit and $58 per month for symmetric 100 Mbps. The new 10Gig service would work perfectly with the new 802.11ax standard capable of also 10Gbps!

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