Thunderstrike 2 Worm Infects Apple Macs Firmware

Two white-hat hackers have discovered a way to infect the Mac’s firmware with a worm that allows it to be spread from Mac to Mac. Once your machine is infected withe worm dubbed, Thunderstrike 2 Worm, it can easily spread without even a network connection and it remains undetectable.

The Thunder Strike 2 virus can remain hidden as it does not infect your operating system, instead it infects the software or firmware that tells your hardware how to operate. Since virus scanners run at the OS level, they cannot scan your firmware for the virus or worm. To begin the infection process, it can be via USB drive, network drive, or even a phishing email can be opened and infect your Mac.

How do you remove Thunderstrike 2 from your Mac? You must reflash your firmware to do so.

The Thunderstrike 2 worm will be demoed and discussed at the Black Hat conference this week in Las Vegas by Xeon Kovah and Trammel Hudson, the researchers which discovered the vulnerability.

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