Google’s Calico Teams Up With Ancestry to Defeat Aging

Google-backed venture, Calico has made a deal with to look at genetics of people to find ways to make drugs to ensure they live longer lives.

The two companies hope by working together, the research data which gathers from its DNA analysis service combined with the genetics research that Calico can provide will someday provide a super pill that will make you live longer.

“On the heels of our AncestryHealth launch and our one million genotyped customers milestone for AncestryDNA, we’re excited to announce this collaboration with Calico to research and develop life changing solutions,” said Ken Chahine, Executive Vice President and Head of DNA and Health. “We have laid the groundwork for this effort through the combination of an unmatched family history database, one of the fastest growing genetic databases, and a strong and talented team of computer scientists and professional genealogists.”

The costs today to sequence a whole genome is around $1,000 bucks and selective genotyping is far cheaper. As the prices continue to go down as our technology and ability to do genetic research increases, we could only be a decade away from increasing ones life.

“Our common experience suggests that there may be hereditary factors underlying longevity, but finding the genes responsible using standard techniques has proven elusive,” commented David Botstein, Calico’s Chief Scientific Officer and member of the US National Academy of Sciences. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to address a fundamental unanswered question in longevity research using high quality human pedigrees.”

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