Apple Replaces Google Nest with Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat

Apple has pulled the Google Nest Smart Thermostat from its web site and retail stores because its not “HomeKit” compatible.

In place of the Google Nest thermostat is the HomeKit-enabled Ecobee 3 thermostat, priced at the same $249 pricing.

With HomeKit, you can tell Siri to “Set your echobee to 72” and she will automatically adjust your thermostat to the desired level or even switch between “bedtime” and “home” modes for different thermostat programming options.

The Ecobee features a 3.5″ full LCD touchscreen. It is capable of reading temperatures in multiple rooms, knows how to learn and adapt to your schedule, and is compatible with most A/C and heating systems on the market.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see Google adapt to the HomeKit as they recently announced a similar technology and product called Brillo which will integrate with Android like Apple has done with Home-Kit for the iOS.

For now, Apple has removed Google Nest and that’s probably going to be for a while.

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