Technolamp Smart LED WiFi Controller Set Review

Technolamp Smart LED WiFi Controller Set Review

To sum up the Technolamp WiFi LED Controller Kit in a single word I would have to say its “easy”. The ability to screw the light bulbs in, install some batteries and be up and running within 60 seconds is truly fantastic. While the WiFi remote controller did lack back lighting for the buttons for ease of navigation in dark environments it did everything very well for us. The layout was easy to navigate and having the four separate channels was also nice – especially as you add more and more bulbs to your WiFi lighting setup.

The LED bulbs themselves seem to be made well and contain heat sinks to keep them cool running. I did not hear any humming or weird noises coming from the bulbs during any of the operational tests that we ran. The wireless distance between the bulbs and the remote were fantastic and should work in almost any home in the United States.

One of the downsides to the Technolamp WiFi LED Controller kit is the lack of support with home automation hubs already on the market. This kit is currently not certified to work with any of the existing home automation systems. This can be a turn off for folks with existing home automation systems but it may not matter if you are only looking for remote controlling ability for your lighting in your home.

On the plus side of things, the Technolamp WiFi LED Controller Kit is priced very well at only $35 bucks which will get you the same kit that we reviewed today. You will also get free shipping if your order is over $40, directly from the Technolamp web site. So go ahead and pick up an extra LED Wi-Fi bulb or two and you’ll be set.

In addition to this lighting kit, the remote controller is also capable of controlling other Technolamp products such as LED GU10 bulbs, LED downlight bulbs, LED Strip lighting and they even have multi color changing LED bulbs.

One product I would love for Technolamp to look into is adding an adapter which would allow the WiFi connectivity to existing LED bulbs that a consumer may already have installed in their home. This would allow for consumers to keep any existing LED bulbs they may have, but add WiFi to them to connect with the Technolamp wireless remote.

Big thanks goes out to Technolamp for sending us this LED WiFi kit to review!

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