Technolamp Smart LED WiFi Controller Set Review

Technolamp Smart LED WiFi Controller Set Review

Installation and Usability
If you can screw-in a light bulb, you can get this LED WiFi Bulb Kit working – literally! I was shocked at how easy it was to get the LED kit up and running. The first thing that I did was installed two AAA batteries into the wireless remote controller. None are included, which stinks but luckily I had some so it wasn’t a huge deal. Then all that had to be done was unscrew an existing bulb, screw-in in the Technolamp WiFi enabled bulb (touching the heat sink / metal area of the bulb only) and then turning the bulb on with the lamp or device (wall light switch). That’s it!

The Wi-Fi remote controller instantly detected the bulbs and assigned them to a channel. I had to do nothing as far as programming the remote or the bulbs, it just worked – which makes this very easy for even the non-technical consumer. Now you can do some programming if you would like which is especially good if you have multiple bulbs in different rooms of the house. You can program an unlimited number of bulbs to the four separate channels available on the remote. This could be especially handy if you want to configure all of the lights in your living room separately from the lights in your media room.

Speaking of the channels, you have four on the remote. Again, you can have an unlimited number of bulbs per channel. You can also have multiple remotes control the same set of bulbs. You can only have up to four remotes control any single bulb however.

The remote itself is lightweight and very easy to use. The layout of the remote also seems to be very straightforward and easy to understand and remember. One thing that I realized after using the remote a bit, it would have been nice if the remote included some back lighting to the buttons to make it easier to see them, especially in a very dark room. My Logitech TV remote “senses” when I pick it up and will automatically turn on or off the backlit lighting to make it easy to see the buttons. If the Technolamp had this functionality, it would definitely be a bonus – especially in a dark media room.

Other than the button lighting, I really loved the feel and controls of the remote. I also tested the distance from the remote to the bulbs and it worked in every nook and cranny within my home and even from outside at a good distance. Remember, it utilizes WiFi technology so you really have a great range that does not require you to point the remote at the lighting devices.

Beverley, one of our other reviewers took the product for a spin as well and did a video demonstration of how the remote works and what the bulbs look like in action!

As you can see from the video, this Technolamp WiFi LED kit is extremely easy to use and seems to function really well. The nightlight mode is really neat and it can be done across your entire lighting enabled system or per channel.

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