FCC To OK AT&T DirecTV Merger

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairmen Tom Wheeler said he would ask the agency to support AT&T’s $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV.

If the FCC approves the deal it will give AT&T a juggernaut of a company which would represent 26.4 million cable and satellite TV subscribers in the United States.

DirecTV shareholders had already approved the merger with AT&T back in fall of last year and the deal was thought to have been completed in the first quarter of 2015 but the FCC put the merger on hold. The hold was based on the courts decision on disclosure of video programming contracts. This has since been given a clear to move forward.

“We are pleased that an order to approve our DIRECTV transaction with certain conditions is circulating at the FCC,” AT&T said in a statement late Tuesday. “We hope the order will be approved by the Commission quickly and we expect to close shortly thereafter.”

In related news, AT&T has announced increased fee’s for customers.

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