Apple Restores Services After Three Hour Outage

Apple has restored services to the App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes Store after they and a few other Apple services suffered an outage lasting for more than three hours today.

It’s not known if this was related to a cyber attack or if some other internal issue was causing the problem as Apple has not commented on the subject.

The outage ran from around 10:00AM ET until about 1:15PM ET. The problem started just before Beats 1, an Apple Radio station which was to announce nominations for MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards. This announcement, which was to be aired exclusively on this station could have resulted in the disruption due to excessive traffic.

In other related Apple news today, the company announced third quarter earnings which resulted in a 24% growth in revenue and their customer base grew by 19%. According to the earnings report Apple generated $5 billion in total revenue from its service category and $49.6 billion overall.

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