Robots Given Self-Consciousness Artificial Intelligence

While we decades away from robots thinking like a human would but researchers at the Rensselar Polytechnic Institute has made a giant leap towards giving robots true artificial intelligence with self-awareness.

Self-awareness is perhaps the foundation of robots being able to recognize their own self and giving themselves knowledge of their individual distinction.

The researches had given three robots a programmed algorithm known as the Deontic Cognitive Event Calculus which gives the robots the ability to reason problems and articulate answers.

You can see in the video demo below how one of the three robots were able to figure out a problem.

All three of the robots were told that they had been giving “dumbing pills” that would make them unable to speak. Two were giving the “dumbing pills’ and the other one a placebo. In fact, the robots simple had a button pushed on their heads to make this a reality.

The researcher asks “Which pill did you receive”. After several seconds, one robot stands up and says “I don’t know”. Then after raising and waiving its hand, as if it had the correct answer says “Sorry, I know now. I was able to prove that I Was not given the dumbing pill.”.

This AI proves the self-awareness that the robots were given and how they understand their own voice, distinction among the three and is able to figure out a problem on its own.

More info at the project page.

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