NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary Today

On this day (July 20th) in 1969, Neil Armstrong and the rest of NASA’s Apollo 11 astronauts reached the moon. While there was fears of the mission being aborted, the whole world was on pins and needles waiting for that landing. Even Armstrong said he thought their changes of landing on the moon were about 50/50.

600 million viewers and listeners worldwide heard the relieving sound of “The Eagle has landed!” as cheers across the world was yelled out. At 10:56PM “New York Time”, Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder from the lander and became the first man to step on the lunar surface of the moon and he was quoted as saying “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

A few minutes after Neil Armstrong had stepped out, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin Jr joined Armstrong on the surface and cried; “Beautiful, beautiful beautiful, a magnificent desolation”.

The two men spent a total of 2 hours and 16 minute son the surface of the Moon and collected 47.6 pounds of material to return to Earth. Do your remember the #Apollo11 mission and landing on the Moon?

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