Ford’s New Smart Headlights for Tracking Objects at Night

Headlights, they have been around since the 1880’s when they were once fueled by oil and then shortly after in 1898 by electricity on the Columbia Electric Car. The basic functionality of the headlight has not changed in 135 years, until now. Ford has announced a new advanced illumination system for your next car that should make driving at night a lot safer.

The new headlight system utilizes a standard and infrared camera to detect objects such as animal, pedestrians, or cyclists near the road. The spot lighting system can simultaneously locate and track up to eight people, and large animals up to 12 meters.

Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting can help make it easier for the driver to travel at night in unfamiliar surroundings, and to more easily see unexpected hazards. At roundabouts, for example, our system helps the driver to clearly see the exits – and check if cyclists and pedestrians are crossing the road,” said Michael Koherr, research engineer, Lighting Systems, Ford of Europe. “Spot Lighting makes potential hazards in the road ahead more easily visible to the driver – whether that is a pedestrian, a cyclist, or even a large animal.

Ford is currently in pre-development phase with Ford engineers in Aachen and expects the new technology to be available to customers in the “near term” which could be as early as 2017.

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