Microsoft Kicks Off Windows 10 Advertising Campaign

Microsoft has kicked off its Windows 10 advertising campaign as we close in on the July 29th global launch date of the new operating system.

The advertising campaign will air today across YouTube and major TV networks and will focus in on the Windows 10 story through the lens of the newest generation and Microsoft is inviting people to join them with this new era.

The ads will go live in U.S, France, Japan, U.K and Germany starting on July 20th. The rest of the world will see the ad campaign on July 29th, which is the launch day of Windows 10.

I think the ad should relate well with most people and it seems more toned down from previous ads that I’ve seen from Microsoft. It’s simple, to the point, and should reflect well with what Windows 10 can do for you. What more could Microsoft ask for?

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