Apple Patents Bank Account Balance Snooping Tech

Apple’s latest patent filings shows that the company is looking into displaying advertising based on your available bank balance.

The Apple patent filling explains;

Method and system for targeted advertising of goods and services to users of mobile terminals, based for example on the users’ profile. Goods and services are marketed to particular target groups of users sharing a common profile which may be selected to increase the likelihood of the users responding to the advertisements and purchasing the advertised goods and services. The common profile of users may be based on the amount of pre-paid credit available to each user. An advantage of such targeted advertising is that only advertisements for goods and services which particular users can afford, are delivered to these users.

If Apple moves forward with this type of technology it would be a complete 360 on its previous direction to not monetize everything they know about it. Tim Cook has even said multiple times that companies are targeting consumers on multiple fronts and that he’s completely against using customer information in this manner and its not the kind of company he wants Apple to be.

Only as time goes on will we know what Apple’s true intentions are with the bank account balance snooping technology for catering ads to you.

What do you think? Is Apple reaching too far? Would you care if Apple did this to your bank account balance?

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