Spam Makes Up Less Than Half of All Emails Now

According to Symantec’s latest Intelligence Report, Spam has fallen to less than 50% of all email in June – a number we haven’t seen in over a decade.

Of all emails received by Symantec clients in June, junk emails only accounts for 49.7% down from 52.1% in April which shows a huge drop. Year over year, Spam has decreased as well due to internet providers doing a better job at filtering and shutting down spam bots.

Defenses for spam is getting better with Google improving its Spam filtering technology along with other companies and email services, its becoming less effective for spammers to send junk emails.

When its no longer cost effective to send junk emails, spammers will decline in numbers. No, we’ll never live in a Spam free world but there could be much less spammers and the technology to block them in place which would allow for us to live at least a somewhat spam free life.

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