Our Top Five Smart Home Products of 2015

We have put together the top five smart home products of 2015 below to recap some of our favorite and most useful products for your connected smart home.

This list covers outlets, switches, security cameras, locks and our favorite thermostat for 2015!

So what are the best 2015 smart home products?

Here they are;

1. Nest 3rd Generation Smart ThermostatNest Smart Thermostat Review

We must give the Nest the highest rating that we can possibly give as it will save you the most money, provide the most convenience, and has the best interface with one of the easiest installations you’ll find!

Easy Installation

Lacking Integration of Smart Home Hubs


2. Schlage Connect Touchscreen Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

So you want a lock for the door but you want to integrate it into your smart home? Well, look no further than the Schlage Smart Deadbolt Lock which features Z-Wave technology that can easily connect to your existing smart home hub like Iris, SmartThings, Wink, and others.

Easy Installation
High Quality Lock
Great Security
Smart Home Integration

Alarm Features a bit Lacking


3. Kuna Smart Home Security System and Intercom


One of the very first smart home products that we reviewed in 2015 and is still one of our favorites. Having tested it now for nearly 6 months, it only keeps getting better with firmware and product updates. Now we just need Kuna to work with SmartThings and other smart home hub companies to get it working together as one.

Easy Setup
High Video Quality
Great Audio Quality
Nice Features with Alerts

Lack of Integration with Smart Home Hubs


4. GE Plug-in Smart Switch Z-Wave Module Outlet


You can’t have a smart home without smart outlets and if you want to get up and running quickly as possible, these plug-in style smart outlets are definitely the way to go! We used them heavily this Christmas with lighting outdoors and indoors so we never had to worry about turning the lights on or turning them off late at night. We also have them working indoors for lamps, wax warmers, and more.

Easy Installation
Easy Configuration
Great Value

LED Light Cannot Be Disabled Completely


5. GE In-Wall Dimming Smart Switch


If you want to automate your lighting, go with smart dimming switches. Forget the smart bulbs and regular smart switches that do not provide the energy savings and lighting control that dimming switches will provide. These from GE are PERFECT for living rooms, bedrooms, home theater rooms and more. I also love the fact that the ZigBee ones offer you energy usage monitoring.

Great Build Quality and Durability
Energy Monitoring Feature
Great Value

15 Minute Installation?


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