Apple Showers Us With Fresh Apple Watch Ads

In efforts to re spark sales for the Apple Watch, the company is launching a new ad campaign that features three different advertisements to prove why we still need an Apple Watch on our wrist. We need one, right?

In the first ad called Closer, we see a new baby being born and a family member being alerted via Apple Watch Sketch that its a girl. We also see a father and son playing tic-tac-toe together along with a little boy coloring and sketching on the Apple Watch.

In the next two ads named Berlin and Beijing we see how the Apple Watch can be used around town. Two girls are able to locate each other, using maps able to find a location together, and be alerted of different events. We also see the two girls at a club and one of them sends an S.O.S via Sketch to help the other one get away from some guy she just met.

In the last ad labeled Goals, we see how the Apple Watch can help you track your health and fitness and keep you on track with goals.

Obviously with sliding sales for the Apple Watch, Apple must keep the Watch in the eye of the consumer to keep traction but will it work? Do you really need an Apple Watch? Is it worth the costs? Would you buy it if it were half the price?

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