Facebook Switches From Adobe Flash Player to HTML5 Player

Facebook has officially moved all of its video players for all Internet Browsers from the security plagued Adobe Flash to HTML5. This is a big change not only for security but also for usability and support-ability of streaming videos on Facebook.

The major issue with moving to HTML5 is that a lot of older browsers continue to only support Adobe Flash for streaming video content but the security risks definitely outweigh the support-ability, at least for Facebook it would seem.

“One of the major issues we wanted to solve before shipping the HTML5 player was the number of bugs in various browsers around HTML5 videos. One specific bug in Chrome’s implementation of the SPDY protocol caused the browser to simply stop loading and playing videos in News Feed. We determined that the issue was triggered by loading too many videos concurrently, so we reduced the number of videos we load at the same time and make sure we cancel loading videos as soon as they are no longer required.” Facebook said in its blog.

Adobe, the creator of the Flash Player is also moving away from it to the new HTML5 standard which would be a HTML5 supported video player created by Adobe.

“In theory, most browsers in use support HTML5 video. However, in practice we noticed that a lot of the older browsers would simply perform worse using the HTML5 player than they had with the old Flash player. We saw more errors, longer loading times, and a generally worse experience. We decided to initially launch the HTML5 player to only a small set of browsers, and continuously roll out to more browsers, versions, and operating systems as we improved it and fixed small bugs. That’s why we waited until recently to ship the HTML5 player to all browsers by default, with the exception of a small set of them.” Facebook continued to say in its blog.

We will continue to see Adobe Flash Player reach end of life with major web sites and corporations. Within five years, it will probably be gone with a flash never to be seen again.

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