Waterproof Apple iPhone 7 In The Works?

Based on a patent application in June 2014, Apple could be working on a waterproof iPhone 7 that would be resistant to water. This could all be thanks to “self-healing” rubber that might be found in the new iPhone 7 phone which is capable of expanding to allow components like headphones to work and then returning to its original form when not in use.

The existing iPhone 6s models already contains waterproofing patented technology such as their waterproof logicboard but Apple has never said the new iPhone is water-resistant. All of this could change with the introduction of their newest patent which we may see in the iPhone 7 next year.

The self-healing waterproofing rubber could allow for externally exposed components to become water resistant. Such components could include the headphones jack or the lighting port connector. The rubber would allow components like a charger or headphones to still be inserted but when the cable is unplugged, the rubber would retain its original shape and form to help keep water out.

The idea around self-healing rubber is an interesting one and one would expect to see in next years iPhone 7. More details will emerge in the coming months.

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