Misfit’s New Flash Link Activity Tracker Dubs as Smart Button

Misfit is dropping the prices of its two wearable fitness trackers and is also adding a brand new very reasonable priced tracker the Misfit Flash Link.

The Misfit Flash now costs $30 down from $50, the Misfit Shine now costs $70 which is down from $100. Now for the new Misfit Flash Link, you’ll only pay $20 and it includes step and sleep tracking but does not include the pretty LED lights or a wristband.

The Misfit Flash Link looks like a “button” and for good reason as Misfit is labeling the device as a “smart button” more than a fitness tracker. What can a “Smart button” do for you that a fitness tracker can’t do? For one, the built-in button can be used to activate the camera shutter on your smartphone, control music playback, and even scroll through a PowerPoint presentation to name a few.

The functionality of MisFit Flash Link is controlled via a new application called Link. From the Link app you can configure what the button does at given times.

The battery within MisFit Flash Link accepts the round coin cell type and should last at least six months. The device is also water resistant up to 30 meters. Misfit Flash Link is available in onxy, frost, reef, and red for $19.99.

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