Schlage Connect Touchscreen Smart Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

Conclusion of Schlage Connect Camelot Smart Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

Schlage made the physical installation of the Camelot Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt very easy to perform. The lock even adapts to different size setbacks and allows you to easily replace an existing lock. It took around five minutes to remove my existing deadbolt and about ten minutes to install the new Schlage Camelot Smart Deadbolt lock. The configuration of the lock will depend on how many unique codes that you setup on your lock. I setup one code, so in all it took around five minutes for me to do the programming and that included getting the lock connected with my SmartThings hub.

I found that setting the alarm settings on the lock was a bit difficult at first, but once you got the hang of how to cycle through the different alarm settings – it was more straight forward. Again, having the ability to set the alarm settings via an app on your smart phone would have definitely helped here and made things very easy to setup. It would also be nice to have the ability for the lock to perform multiple types of alarms, instead of only selecting one of the three available alarm types.

One of my favorite things about this deadbolt lock, isn’t even the smart features but rather that it has received the highest level security grade for a residential lock. Schlage has ensured that this lock is one of the hardest locks to break-in for residential homes. It not only has the ANSI Grade 1 security certificate, it also has an anti-pick shield which helps prevent against lock tampering and “bumping” which thieves are notorious for. Then you also have the alarm feature which might also help deter a would-be criminal from breaking in but also can alert you, if you are in the home a sleep.

For me, having the Z-Wave wireless technology makes it easy for integration into my existing smart home system – without having to purchase any propriety hub! I can now completely automate the lock by having it open when I arrive home and lock my home safely at night when I go to bed. This provides not only convenience but safety as well for your home and family.

One thing that I had not mentioned in other parts of the review is the ability to still lock and unlock the door like you normal would without the smart technology. You can manually perform the lock/unlock from the inside of the door or you can also utilize the provided key to manually open the door from the outside. So if your batteries run out or you have some other technical reason as to why you can’t unlock the door, you can still open it with an old fashion key! Some other smart locks on the market today, not only do not provide the ANSI Grade 1 security but they also do not provide an emergency or backup method of opening the lock with a key.

Lastly, if anything goes wrong with this lock – Schlage backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Special thanks to Schlage for sending us this smart lock to review. This particular lock is priced at $178 right now on Amazon directly from Schlage which is a great price for this high quality lock. There are other styles and colors to choose from as well. More information on this smart lock can be found at


Schlage Connect Touchscreen Smart Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.55

Review Overview

Smart Home Integration 82%
Ease of Installation 98%
Ease of Configuration 84%
Durability and Quality 99%
Features 91%
91% Great High Security Smart Lock!

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