OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Landscape Lighting

Conclusion of OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot ZigBee Based Lighting

The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB lighting system is a bit pricey at $83.98 on Amazon right now and $29.98 for the Gardenspot Expansion on Amazon but I feel the money could be very well spent, especially if you need a professional and stylish look to your landscaping. The LED’s are very bright at 100% but you can also have the freedom of adjusting the brightness to any level you please. Then adding on the fact that you can change the colors to just about any color imaginable, the possibilities with this lighting system is endless.

The only real negatives that I found with the Gardenspot is the lightweight of them and had some issues keeping the stakes in the ground during the installation. Once I dug a small 1-2 inch trench for the wiring to sit down in and to be covered up, I didn’t have any installation issues there after.

I really love the fact that OSRAM went with ZigBee technology, allowing us to sync the lighting up with our existing smart home hub is truly appreciated by consumers. For those of you without an existing smart home hub, the OSRAM Gateway provides a lot of functionality that not only works with the Gardenspot but other OSRAM lighting products like the ones we recently reviewed.

If you’re in the market for something on the cheaper side then you better look further but if you have the money to spend, I think the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot is money well spent. You’ll gain a professional lighting landscape for your home that’s both smart and energy conscious while giving tons of flexible lighting styles to match your home or personal style.

More information can be found on the Gardenspot at the OSRAM product page.

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Landscape Lighting Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.6

Review Overview

Hardware Features 95%
Software Features 89%
Smart Home Integration 98%
Durability 89%
Ease of Installation 88%
92% Beautiful LED landscape lighting!

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