OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Landscape Lighting

Installation & Configuration of LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lighting

Obviously, the installation location will vary from home to home or business to business but we installed this Gardenspot next to the sidewalk leading up to our front door. The one thing that I found a bit difficult during the installation was how little weight the wiring and LED’s had to them. It made it necessary to dig out a little path by hand of where I wanted the wiring to go and then covering it as I go. This allowed the dirt/mulch/pinestraw to help hold down the flat wiring which in return help prevent the LED stakes from coming out of the ground during installation.

The stakes were easy to install and I felt they were just the right size. Be sure to only apply pressure to the stake when installing, instead of applying direct force on the LED itself as this could damage the LED.

If you preferred, you could also install the LED’s on top of bricks by removing the stake from the LED. You would have to find a way to secure it to the bricks using some sort of liquid nails but it’s possible. You can also take the stakes off and install the lighting along a deck or perhaps wood steps using the provided screws that came with the kit. Just keep in mind, the wiring will typically be visible.

I also found the power adapter wiring to be EXTRA long.. which worked out GREAT because I was able to run the wiring into my garage and plug it in an electrical outlet in there to keep it out of the elements and most importantly out of sight. Again, the power adapter is waterproof so you shouldn’t have any problems leaving it outdoors but if you can keep it protected and out of the way, then that’s the best route to take to ensure longevity of the system.


To see the full detailed review of the OSRAM LIGHTIFY App, definitely check out our OSRAM LIGHTIFY Kit review that we conducted. We’ll still show you how to get the new Gardenspot setup in your existing LIGHTIFY iOS app.

The first thing you’ll want to do, is add the new Gardenspot under available devices. It was immediately found, so I clicked on the next arrow here.


After adding it, it’s now available to be controlled via the LIGHTIFY app.


I checked for firmware updates and there was one that needed to be installed. I went ahead and upgraded the Gardenspot to the newer version. This is one reason its a good idea to keep a LIGHTIFY Gateway on hand, so you can make firmware updates. If you only connect to your existing smart home hub like the SmartThings hub, you’ll never be able to upgrade the firmware at least not via a supported means.

osram_gardenspot_lightify_9Here’s the upgrade progress..

osram_gardenspot_lightify_8Then finally you are shown that no updates are needed.


Like with the other OSRAM LIGHTIFY products we reviewed, the Gardenspot was no exception to how easy it is to change the lighting settings. To change the color, you hold down the green dot (or whatever color the light currently is) and can then drag it around to find the perfect color.


The same can be done with the brightness control. The great thing about the LIGHTIFY App and Gateway is instantaneous adjustments. As you move your finger through the brightness or color options, the lights will immediately change on the fly.


Let’s say you already have an existing smart home hub but want to utilize the LIGHTIFY Gardenspot. Thanks to the ZigBee technology, you can! I was easily able to search for the OSRAM Gardenspot lighting but not first without resetting the Gardenspot. If you already have the Gardenspot paired with the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway, you’ll need to reset the Gardenspot or disjoin it from the Gateway. Here’s how that can be done;

  1. Turn OFF the light
  2. Turn ON the light for 3 seconds
  3. Repeat this process 5 times (OFF + ON for 3 seconds = 1 time)
  4. After the fifth time, wait 10 seconds
  5. The light will then blink 3 times if successfully reset
  6. Repeat the process if the light doesn’t blink

After doing so, you should be able to search for the device in Smartthings or some other smart home hub and associate it without any issues.


I selected the Front Yard as my “room” for the Gardenspot.

osram_gardenspot_lightify_2I also named the device Sidewalk Lighting as that accurately describes where its being utilized.

osram_gardenspot_lightify_1The two negatives with utilizing the Smartthings hub with the Gardenspot; 1. The lack of firmware updates. 2. The inability to instantaneously see the brightness and color modifications.  Other than these two items, I love the Gardenspot being on my same centralized smart home hub and love the compatibility that OSRAM has ensured existed with this and other smart home hubs.

Now for some colored fun! The Gardenspot has a HUGE range of color offerings to choose from. You can easily go with Orange for Halloween, Pink or Red for Valentines Day, Green or Red for Christmas or if you prefer a bright white for everyday use! Depending on the day or occasion, you can completely customize how your lighting looks! Here’s a few photos capturing some of these colors.




This one could be a ton of fun at Halloween with a fogger!


St Patrick’s day or Christmas anyone?


Here’s a closer look at the lights and how bright they are, and they are very bright!


Here’s an overall view stepped back a few feet so you can really get the feel of how we integrated them into our Christmas lights this year. The best thing about the Gardenspot lights, we won’t need to take them down after the holiday is over! All we must do is flip it to another color and we’ll be good until the next occasion!


Read on to the next page and we’ll wrap this review up and talk about what we like and what we don’t.

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