OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Landscape Lighting

Unboxing The OSRAM Gardenspot LED Lighting System

The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB kit comes with a 14 foot Gardenspot with a total of 9 LED lights, a power supply, and a controller. Here’s what the box looks like that it will come in.


The rear of the box clearly shows what’s included and how you must purchase the LIGHTIFY Gateway separately. The Gateway is the main hub for the LIGHTIFY system and we already reviewed it during our other OSRAM LIGHTIFY review. If you plan to utilize your existing SmartThings hub or other smart home hub that’s compatible with ZigBee, then you won’t need to purchase the LIGHTIFY Gateway separately. Regardless, we’ll show you how the Gardenspot lighting system works with both the LIGHTIFY Gateway and the Smartthings v2 Hub.


The string of lights are lightweight and feature waterproof rubber seals on the wire ends to help prevent water intrusions. These are IP66 rated so water should not be an issue unless they were installed underwater with pressure.


The power adapter is also water rated and features the same screw-on connector. This power adapter transforms the AC power from your outlet into low voltage DC power that the LED lights utilize. Screws are also included so that this power adapter can be fastened down to wood structures like a deck or porch.


If 14 foot and 9 LED lights are a bit short for your project, you can purchase additional expansion Gardenspot lights that comes in 4.67 foot sections and features 3 additional LED lights. Here’s the box they come in.


On the back you’ll find what’s included and how you must also have the Gardenspot Mini LIGHTIFY lighting system. It also states that the entire system is expandable up to 28 feet. If you require a longer length, you’ll need to purchase another Gardenspot system, which includes the power supply.


Like the kit included, in the expansion you’ll find the same type of connectors, which allows you to easily daisy chain the lights together to extend the length of your original Gardenspot.


Read on to the next page and we’ll look at how we installed the Gardenspot lights and how to configure them both on the LIGHTIFY Gateway and also on the SmartThings hub!

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